Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis: Bullets

  • Chronic destructive granulomatous process.
  • Results from an incomplete immune response to a subacute bacterial infection.
  • The renal parenchyma is destroyed and replaced by low-attenuation xanthomatous masses (-10 to 30 HU, depending on the lipid content).
  • Calcifications can be seen within these xanthomatous masses (pink arrows).
  • Can be focal (10% of cases) or diffuse (90%).
  • Focal form can mimic neoplasm.
  • Risk factors include diabetes mellitus (10% of patients), female gender (2:1 female:male ratio), and low socioeconomic status.
  • Most patients have no specific risk factor.
  • Radiography: Large staghorn calculus (nonspecific), enlarged kidney, obscuration of the psoas margin (late finding).
  • Intravenous urography: Pronounced decrease in renal function with little or no excretion on delayed imaging (nonspecific).
  • Ultrasound: Enlarged kidney with a large shadowing echogenic structure in the renal pelvis (staghorn calculus). Loss of normal renal architecture.
  • CT: Combination of the following findings is strongly suggestive of diffuse disease: Nonfunctioning enlarged kidney + staghorn calculus in a contracted renal pelvis + expanded calices (usually filled with a low-attenuation inflammatory exudate) + inflammatory changes in the perinephric fat.
  • Focal disease can mimic neoplasm, and should be considered malignant until proven otherwise. Urine culture can be helpful.
The CT images show an enlarged left kidney with multiple low-attenuation parenchymal lesions. One of these in the upper pole has fine calcifications that can be seen on the radiograph (pink arrow). The renal pelvis and the calyces are dilated.


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