Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Radiographic Appearance of the Ascenda® 8780 and 8781 Intrathecal Catheters

The Ascenda® 8780 and 8781 intrathecal catheters are 3T MR conditional catheters and have a metallic marker in their catheter connectors that has the potential to be confused for a foreign body (it looked like a needle to me).

The metallic piece is inside the catheter connector. The connector is placed between the pump and spinal segments of the catheter and gives the user an audible and tactile confirmation of secure connection of the catheter segments.

A linear metallic object that is contiguous with the catheters on both views can help differentiate this from a retained foreign object.

The bottom image is from the Ascenda Manual


Ascenda Manuals and Technical Resources. Medtronic.