Thursday, September 1, 2011


Myofibroblastoma, also known as myogenic stromal tumor, is a rare benign tumor of the breast characterized histologically by spindle cells (myofibroblasts) in fascicles with varying degrees of myogenic and fibroblastic differentiation. Initially felt to be a tumor predominantly of the male breast, more recent studies have shown that the sex distribution may not be as skewed towards males.

Mammographic findings sometimes suggest a benign diagnosis: A circumscribed lesion without architectural distortion. Coarse calcifications have been reported in association with myofibroblastomas. A case of myofibroblastoma mimicking a hamartoma has been described at our institution, and a case of myofibroblastoma arising in a hamartoma has also been reported in the pathology literature.

However, the tumor may also be mammographically occult or have ill-defined margins.

Ultrasound reveals a circumscribed hypoechoic to mildly hyperechoic lesion with or without distal acoustic attenuation.


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