Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Neonatal Abdominal Cysts

Differential considerations for a pelvic mass in a child:
  • Duplication cyst: Look for bowel wall signature on ultrasound.
  • Ovarian cyst (shown above): Can be seen during the second trimester and persist into infancy. Due to maternal and/or placental hormones or adrenogenital syndrome. Can get large and lead to torsion. A specific finding is the "daughter cyst" sign, representing a follicle in the ovarian cyst. The images above demonstrate a cystic pelvic mass superior to the urinary bladder (B) on prenatal MRI. Neonatal ultrasound shows a complex mass with an internal daughter cyst
  • Mesenteric cyst:
  • Cystic meconium peritonitis:
  • Choledocal cyst:
  • Urachal remnant: Urachal cyst or diverticulum
  • Renal cyst:
  • Mimics: Hydronephrosis, hydroureter, hydrometrocolpos, bowel atresia/obstruction, anterior meningocele.


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