Sunday, April 4, 2010

Watering Can Perineum

Watering can perineum refers to urination through the perineum due to multiple urethroperineal fistulas. Urethroperineal fistulas are most commonly caused by chronic inflammatory urethral strictures due to tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, or gonorrhea.

On retrograde urethrography, there is typically an anterior urethral stricture associated with multiple prostatocutaneous and urethrocutaneous fistulas.

It may be difficult to visualize the entire urethra, since instilled contrast leaks out of the fistulas before opacifying the more proximal urethra. Fistulography, therefore, may be needed to visualize the entire urethra.

Management includes treatment of the cause of stricture (e.g., antibiotics) and diversion of urine with suprapubic cystostomy. Once the fistulae have healed attention is directed to relieving the stricture.


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