Sunday, August 16, 2009

En-Plaque Meningioma

An en plaque meningioma is a meningioma that grows as a film over the dura without poking into the adjacent brain or spinal cord. Like standard meningiomas, it can cause hyperostosis; however, hyperostosis caused by an en plaque meningioma is more pronounced.

The case shown here actually ended up being a dural lymphoma that was mimicking an en plaque meningioma. Tuberculosis can also have a similar appearance. There is also a report of neurosarcoidosis mimicking en-plaque meningioma.


  • Ozek E, Iplkcioglu AC, Erdal M. Intradural extramedullary tuberculoma mimicking en plaque meningioma. Neurol India. 2009 Mar-Apr;57(2):211-2.
  • Osenbach RK, Blumenkopf B, Ramirez H Jr, Gutierrez J. Meningeal neurosarcoidosis mimicking convexity en-plaque meningioma. Surg Neurol. 1986 Oct;26(4):387-90.

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