Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Stent or Not to Stent?

The above CECT axial images are part of a trauma work up in a young patient involved in an MVA with multiple abdominal injuries. Several liver lacerations are seen with subtle active extravasation of contrast. The third axial image shows a focal dissection at the origin of the celiac artery (red arrow). Sagittal reconstruction demonstrates absence of the celiac origin (the SMA origin is seen). Conventional angiogram shows a dissection at the origin of the celiac artery with opacification of its distal branches.

Typically, this dissection would be treated with a stent requiring short term anti-coagulation therapy (at least 6 months). However, a patient with multiple liver lacerations is not a candidate for anti-coagulation. Thus, despite injury to a major abdominal visceral artery, no intervention could be performed. The patient was monitored for hemodynamic stability and received several units of packed RBCs with no further drop in hematocrit.

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