Monday, November 21, 2011

Superior Sublabral Recess

The superior sublabral recess is a synovial recess between the superior labrum and the glenoid rim created by the attachment of the biceps tendon on the supraglenoid tubercie. Because of this recess, the labrum does not attach to the glenoid rim at the 12 o'clock position.

The size of this recess is variable, and has been classified into various types by different authors. One scheme divides the sublabral recess into 3 types. In a type 1 attachment, the labral-bicipital complex is firmly attached to the glenoid rim and an arthroscopic probe cannot be inserted between the labrum and the glenoid. A type 2 attachment has a small sulcus between the labrum and the glenoid rim, while a type III attachment has a deep sulcus between the labrum and the glenoid rim that allows a probe to be inserted between the two.

The superior sublabral recess can be continuous with the sublabral foramen.


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