Friday, October 21, 2011

Intraarticular Methylmethacrylate Cement

Intraarticular leakage/displacement of methylmethacrylate cement is an uncommon complication of percutaneous injection of bone lesions (usually acetabular). It can also be seen, as in this case, by displacement of intramedullary cement during revision surgery.

In cases reported in the literature, the intraarticular leakage of liquid cement has been associated with transitory aggravation of pain (due to the intraarticular location of the cement) and one case of rapid (2 months) chondrolysis. Intraarticular displacement of solid cement can also cause pain from the mechanical effect of the foreign body.

Surgical extraction of the cement fragment can be performed when this complication is observed.


Leclair A, Gangi A, Lacaze F, Javier RM, Bonidan O, Kempf JF, Bonnomet F, Limbach FX, Kuntz JL, Dietmann JL, Sibilia J. Rapid chondrolysis after an intra-articular leak of bone cement in treatment of a benign acetabular subchondral cyst: an unusual complication of percutaneous injection of acrylic cement. Skeletal Radiol. 2000 May;29(5):275-8.

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