Monday, February 7, 2011

Pseudodefect of the Capitulum

An abrupt contour change can be observed at the posterolateral margin of the capitulum at the junction of anterior capitulum and posterior lateral epicondyle. This contour change can be mistaken for an osteochondral lesion and has been termed the pseudodefect of the capitulum/capitellum.

The pseudodefect is most obvious on coronal images through the posterior aspect of the capitulum and on sagittal images on more lateral images.

The pseudodefect can be differentiated from an osteochondral lesion by noting that the latter occurs along the normally smooth convex surface of the anterior aspect of the capitulum and is associated with adjacent bone marrow edema. Increased bone marrow signal on T2-weighted images, however, can be simulated by filling of the pseudodefect with joint fluid or intraarticular contrast, as seen in this case.


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