Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breast Tissue Expanders and MRI

Tissue expanders can be inflated through a remote port or an integrated port. The injection ports can be located postoperatively either by palpation or with a device that is attracted to a small magnet in the port. These magnetic ports may become uncomfortable or cause injury during MRI. Tissue expanders with magnetic ports are contraindicated for MRI.

One such device is the Magna-Site tissue expander port (McGhan Medical Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA), which incorporates a rare-earth magnet housed in a titanium shell (arrows)in the injection port. The magnet is detected postoperatively with the Magna-Finder device.


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  1. Few monthes ago I refused to do an MRI in a patient with such magnetic breast expander.

    The surgeon told her that it was MR-safe but I download the instruction kit from the producer website that clearly said that MRI was controindicated


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