Monday, November 5, 2012

Menetrier Disease

  • rare, idiopathic hypertrophic gastropathy
  • patients usually present with epigastric pain and hypoalbuminemia (from loss of albumin into the gastric lumen)
  • bimodal age distribution
    • childhood form thought to be linked to cytomegalovirus infection
  • diagnosis is made by combination of endoscopic and radiologic findings
    • Upper GI series: thickened, lobulated folds in the gastric fundus which trap barium; hypersecretion may dilute barium which may prevent mucosal coating
    • CECT: thickening of mucosa and submucosa which projects into the gastric lumen
  • differential diagnosis
    • Zollinger Ellison Syndrome - rugal fold thickening is not as pronounced, gastric ulcers, pancreatic involvement
    • Gastritis - thickened folds usually in the antrum, H. pylori positive
    • Lymphoma - thickened folds due to soft tissue masses not due to edema

Friedman J, Platnick J, Farruggia S, et al. Menetrier Disease. Radiographics 2009;29:297-301.
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