Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pulmonary Pseudotumors

Nodular Pulmonary Amyloid (Amyloidoma)
  • one of the three presentations of amyloidosis in the chest (the other two are tracheobronchial and nodular septal)
  • solitary or multiple nodules with smooth contours
  • lower lobe, subpleural/peripheral location 
  • may calcify or undergo osseous metaplasia
  • larger nodules may cavitate or become hemorrhagic
  • resection is diagnostic and curative
  • differential - primary or metastatic neoplasms
Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia
  • caused by aspiration of mineral, vegetable, or animal oil present in food, radiologic contrast media, or oil based medications
  • NECT will show low attenuation, mass-like consolidation, with regions of fat density
  • crazy paving

Gimenez A, Franquet T, Prats R, et al. Unusual primary lung tumors: a radiologic-pathologic overview. Radiographics 2002;22:601-19.

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