Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mycetoma Formation in Fungal Sinusitis

A mycetoma (fungal ball) is an uncommon sequela of fungal sinusitis and is thought to be secondary to deficient mucociliary clearance of a fungal organism which incites an inflammatory response. The fungal ball usually appears as a mass within a sinus (usually the maxillary sinus) and is typically unilateral. Bone window CT will show a mass within the sinus with punctate calcifications. A fungal ball is typically of low signal intensity on T1W MR due to low water content. On T2WI the mycetoma will be hypointense relative to the hyperintense inflamed sinus mucosa.

Aribandi M, McCoy VA, Bazan C. Imaging features of invasive and noninvasive fungal sinusitis: a review. Radiographics 2007;27:1283-96.

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